Kyle Hinton


Project title/role:

Project Architect, Lead Web Developer

Social Media:

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Kyle Hinton is a mixed-race, Chinese Canadian who is a multi-disciplined artist who is devoted to sound, puppetry, and computer programming.
He is most enthusiastic about creating worlds, telling stories and exploring philosophy with sound, music, and miniaturized-beings. He is absolutely fascinated by using technology to create art and to support artists. It's also interesting to think about the different ways that technology will make people interact.
He loves creating and playing with sound and designing sound for theatre, podcasts and film. His ongoing projects include "The Suitcase Theatre Arcade", which features short puppet shows presented from miniaturized spaces; "Simulations", an electronic music project.

Three fun facts:

1. A father an outgoing and imaginative daughter.
2. Enjoys watching cartoons, playing video games, and going skateboarding.
3. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are quite fascinating subjects.