Tom Hoyer-Wood


Project title/role:

Educator / Facilitator

Social Media:

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Tom is a passionate youth facilitator who believes deeply in the power of education to transform lives. His work experience includes being the director of a summer camp, a youth leadership facilitator, as well as a script writer and producer for live educational programming. Tom's approach to education is to create a welcoming and safe space where youth are challenged to think critically and creatively about the world they want to see. He knows that every individual has ideas and talents that should be shared. When he's not working, Tom loves sharing meals with his many roommates, walking his dog Smokie, and curling up to a good Netflix show.

Three fun facts:

1. I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to see many amazing places. One time I snorkeled in a lake FULL of jellyfish in a country called Palau - google jellyfish lake to see what I'm talking about!
2. I grew up immersed in the sports world and I still love playing basketball and squash - still looking for a suitable virtual replacement these days so let me know if you have any ideas!
3. I have movie-marathoned all of the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars movies with my roommates since COVID began, and I have no regrets!